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Purpose of this website -- This website was developed to provide an simple basic website for churches who don't have the support staff to create fancy websites.

We would appreciate if you would check any churches you know, and report if we have the locations mapped incorrectly. We've made it pretty easy to report updated locations.

Latest Changes:

  Saints Peter & Paul Ev. Lutheran Church (UAC) Simpsonville South Carolina
  St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church Waverly Iowa
  Our Savior Lutheran Church Lynchburg Virginia
  Emmanuel Lutheran Church Rifle Colorado
  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Wellman Iowa

Last visited churches:

  St John Lutheran Church Libby Montana
  Faith Lutheran Church Beaverton Oregon
  Redeemer Lutheran Church Lisbon North Dakota

Call ahead -- If attending one of the listed congregations, call ahead to make sure the service times are correct. Also, if you wish to commune at a congregation in fellowship with your own, it would be appropriate to call the pastor ahead of time so he can speak with you (and with your pastor).

Affiliation -- Synodical (or similar) affiliation of congregations is listed in the "Fellowship" column of your search results.

Feedback -- Your feedback is important in the development of this website. How can the website be improved? Did this website help you? Do you believe that a congregation you visited should or should not be listed? If you have some feedback, email the directory publisher.

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