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ChurchFaith Lutheran Church
7799 SW Scholls Ferry Road
Beaverton, Oregon
Pastor(s)Pastor James Heiser
Message:We are meeting in the chapel of Edgewood Downs Retirement Community. We have pastors for three Sundays of each month; a video service for the remaining.

Bible study is at 9 am on Sundays we have a pastor. Fellowship is at 10 am every Sunday, and worship at 10:30 am every Sunday.

We will sing hymns for the residents of Edgewood Downs Retirement Community on the morning of Thanksgiving, and on Christmas Eve.

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FellowshipELDoNA - The Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America
ServicesAll Year: 10:30am
CommunionWeekly - Chalice Only
HymnalTLH - The Lutheran Hymnal (1941, CPH)
Last update2017-06-01

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Comments from visitors to this church:

Dec 09 2015Beverly Jarrell
I attend this church. It teaches Gods word as it was intended. We study the Book of Concord in Bible class which explains our sameness and differences with the Catholic Church at that time in great detail!

I enjoy the Pastors that fly out from their home congregations in Texas (3), Wisconsin and Illinois three Sundays a month!

We enjoy each and everyone of these pastors and their Joy of giving us Gods Word and the sacrament of Holy Communion every Sunday they are with us!
Jun 15 2016Rev. Eric Stefanski
I had the privilege of serving Christ's people at Faith, Beaverton and, I have to say, it is a truly joyous experience to be with those who are so obviously committed to the Gospel of Christ! The entire day (they have a dinner a member's house ofter the service) was a basking in the grace of our Lord Jesus and the love that He has poured out on, and reflected through, His Church. I look forward to being at Faith again, if our Lord so gives me opportunity.

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