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ChurchSt. John Lutheran Church        Church info from LCMS.org
2723 North 700 West
Rensselaer, Indiana
Pastor(s)Rev. David Mueller
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Message:Approx. 3-4 times per year, the regular service is shifted either to Sat. evening, or Sun. afternoon. Most often--once in March, once in August, shifted to Saturday; Sunday before Thanksgiving, shifted to Sunday afternoon. Please e-mail to be sure.

In addition to 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays, the Lord's Supper is also offered on festivals that happen to fall on the 2nd or 4th Sundays--specifically, Easter, Pentecost, Reformation.

Dual parish with Trinity, Goodland.

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FellowshipLCMS - Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
ServicesAll Year: Sun-10:45am
CommunionOdd (1,3,5) - Both Chalice and Individual
HymnalTLH/LW - The Lutheran Hymnal (1941, CPH) - Lutheran Worship (1982, CPH)
PericopeLSB 3 year - Lutheran Service Book (2006, CPH)
Last update2009-06-02

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