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ChurchEvangelical Trinity Lutheran Church        Church info from LCMS.org
117 Chace St
Clinton, Massachusetts
Pastor(s)Rev Paul E Gramit
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Please note our new summer service time on Sunday at 9:30am.
If you are seeking an "old order" Lutheran congregation -- such as one which practices liturgical worship, uses the 1941 Lutheran Hymnal as its primary worship resource, and recognizes the Biblically correct roles of men and women in congregational polity (as well as the grace-of-God-given value of both!) -- you'll find our congregation of interest. (Call us "your grandfather's church" if you'd like!)

Locationally, we're the primary LCMS congregation serving the city of Worcester, and THE closest non-ELCA Lutheran congregation to the city (including IN the city). We host an informal Bible study near the city proper and are looking to expand our reach in the city, on an orthodox and missional ("both-and", never "either-or"!) basis, in the foreseeable future.

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FellowshipLCMS - Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
ServicesSep-Jun: Sun-10am; Jul-Lab: 9:30am
CommunionOdd (1,3,5) & Festivals - Both Chalice and Individual, W-Lent - Both Chalice and Individual
HymnalTLH - The Lutheran Hymnal (1941, CPH)
PericopeLW3 - Lutheran Worship (1982, CPH)
Last update2011-12-07

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