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ChurchFirst Trinity Lutheran Church        Church info from LCMS.org
57741 847th Rd
Altona, Nebraska
Pastor(s)Terry James Makelin
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Message:Services times are based on a fiscal year beginning the 1st Sunday after Labor Day. Beginning Sunday after Labor Day in 2012 time is 11am for one year. Then time goes to 9:30am for a year. Then back to 930am for a year, etc.

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FellowshipLCMS - Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
ServicesAll Year: Sun-11am OR 9:30am (call)
Communion(Advent-Pentecost) Weekly - Both Chalice and Individual; (Trinity Season) 1st,3rd,5th - Both Chalice and Individual
HymnalLSB - Lutheran Service Book (2006, CPH)
PericopeLSB 1 year
Last update2009-07-01

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