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ChurchLamb of God Lutheran Church        Church info from LCMS.org
1010 W Lincoln St
Papillion, Nebraska
Pastor(s)Rev Philip G Houser
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FellowshipLCMS - Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
ServicesAll Year: Sun-9am, Sat-5:30pm
CommunionAll Services - Chalice Only & - Individual Cups from Pouring Chalice
HymnalLSB - Lutheran Service Book (2006, CPH)
PericopeLSB 3 year
Last update2009-06-10

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Comments from visitors to this church:

Jun 07 2009Steve
We first visited Lamb of God Lutheran Church June of 2009. We live in Omaha, but were feeling the Holy Spirit had something else in mind for us. We were impressed by how friendly everyone was. A Deacon came over to say hi, as did a few members of the congregation as well as Pastor Houser. We felt at home. We appreciated the traditional liturgical Divine Service and felt Pastor delivered a well prepared Law-Gospel Sermon. We continued to visit all summer and learned Pastor Houser is very good with preaching and teaching. Our daughter,Kim, was entering 7th grade at the time and the church secretary, Miss Kathy, sent us a hand written note inviting us to confirmation class opening - so we went. Our daughter took the lesson book home and did the first week's lesson that night. So we knew the Holy Spirit was at work and we transferred. Kim was confirmed May of 2011 and she is very well trained in the Lutheran Confessions, the Creeds, etc. Lots of memory work with the small catechism. We feel very Blessed to be members of Lamb of God Lutheran Church.
Jul 29 2013Emily H
When I moved to the Omaha area in the summer of 2011, my #1 priority was to find a church proclaiming the Gospel in light of the Lutheran Confessions as found in the Book of Concord. Through this very website I discovered Lamb of God Lutheran Church. There are bigger churches, fancier churches, and churches with better facilities than Lamb of God, but Lamb of God is the only congregation within a 30-mile drive from my home in Papillion that met my criteria. Lamb of God has Law and Gospel preaching, liturgy from the hymnal, communion every service (including Saturday nights), Pastor-taught Bible Study, a Baptismal Font in the aisle and a Crucifix at the front. When my baby son was being treated in the hospital over the course of several weeks, I received excellent pastoral care from Pastor Houser, including the Lord's Supper privately at home and hospital visits. We were also blessed with many meals and gifts for the family and new baby from many members of the congregation. It was also a blessing to be able to view the sermons online. I am grateful for the ministry of Pastor Houser and Lamb of God Lutheran Church.

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