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ChurchFaith Lutheran Church        Church info from LCMS.org
580 Green Street
Craig, Colorado
Pastor(s)Rev. Robert Oeltjen
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FellowshipLCMS - Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
ServicesAll Year: Sun-9am, Thur-10am
Communion(Sun) Weekly - Both Chalice and Individual (Thur) Weekly - Chalice Only
HymnalLSB - Lutheran Service Book (2006, CPH)
PericopeLSB 3 year
Last update2009-09-25

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Comments from visitors to this church:

May 16 2010Kent Borglum
This was our 2nd visit to Faith Lutheran. Both times the Pastor, his wife and the rest of the church exhibited a relaxed, very friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The sermons were confessionally sound and Biblically based. The hymns were well-known ones that were sung with much enthusiasm. Overall, the services were spiritually refreshing and we will certainly attend worship there again if we are in the area.

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