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Are you looking for a way to create an online presence for your church? I'm the developer of LutheranLiturgy.org which lists about 1000 churches around the country who offer traditional liturgical services. Given the interest shown by many of the churches to put up more information on the website, I created this second website, LutherSites.org, which allows a church to create a presence on the web for a reasonable cost that even a small country church can afford.

We aren't talking a fancy website with slides and other features .. just a basic website that provides all the information that a visitor to your church would need -- location, driving directions, information about the pastor, the church, worship times, and if you are willing to put in the effort, a calendar and sermon listing.

You will get an easy to publish URL such as http://luthersites.org/stjohn-lcms .. you can put this in your bulletin, newsletters, etc.

Interested in this option? Click here to email us, or submit your church for our listing.

What would I need to provide?

You'll need to provide a list of the pages that you want to include. Such as "About Us"; "Calendar", "History", "Photos", etc. If you can post sermons to the web to our sister site, LCMSsermons.com, those can be listed on a "sermons" page as well (see the example at St John's below).

You will need to provide text and photos to be included on each of the pages you want created. A minimum should be photos of the church, interior and exterior, perhaps of the pastor(s), and any historical photos that you might have available. Having sufficient graphics on a website improves the user experience.

A header image really spices up your page. You can look around at various church websites that you are familiar with; if you have friends with graphics talent, have someone develop a graphic. Normally a header image will include some features of your congregation; perhaps photos of the exterior, the name and city/state, or perhaps the church logo. A size roughly around 800-1000 by 150-250 pixels would work; wider images may cause horizontal scrolling, which is not a good practice.

Most of the ones we've got listed already had a website developed several years ago that had some of this information on it. Perhaps the site developer has moved on and you no longer have the ability to update the information on that website. I'm able to extract these from existing website, and you can then tell me what needs to be changed.

Future changes

I plan to make churches more customized -- perhaps removing the frame that is around them currently, as well as make it more mobile-friendly.

Who am I?

I'm Norm Fisher .. I've been developing programs and websites for years now. I spoke with the developer of lutheranLiturgy.org, and in 2009 rewrote the program, modernizing the program significantly. I've watched it's usage over the years since then, and seen what works well and perhaps what doesn't work. I've helped several pastors attempt to get websites for their church; some successful, some not so. What seems easy and obvious to me is not always comprehendable to someone without a technical mindset.

You can read more about me, and some of the websites I've developed, at knfa.net.

You can contact me by clicking here, or at norm @ knfa.net or 217-418-2498.

You can donate to this project through paypal here:


Examples of churches already on this website:

You can see if you click on any of those links that the church has a user-friendly URL .. a common domain name then a unique identifier for the church. This can be listed in bulletins, newsletters, or provided to your members or visitors. ((side note; having the church name in the URL improves your listing in search engines))

As more churches are adding this feature, I'll expand this list. You can look through these to get some ideas of what could be done for your church.

What is the charge?

I've placed the initial charge at $30 to set up a website. This is an amount that I feel most churches could come up with; obviously many sites charge $20 or $40 a month, and perhaps several hundred for someone else to develop the website. I'd like to make this feature affordable to most churches, so that you can have a site on the web so people can find you easily. If you want more customization I'm willing to work with you, but may need to charge more to add more features, etc.